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When it all comes back
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 @ 6:41 AM | 0 Comment [s]


      Wooooooo~ I have abandoned my blog for a LONG long TIME hehe, well, busy mah... after reaching home not more than a week, i had to come here "sarawak oil palm" to start my internship. DUE to the 1 h journey from maa home, i gotta stay at the housing here :(, luckily there are 4 other female internship students staying here oso, sum are mirians, others are from sibu, marudi and also limbang.

       WOooooo~~ actually there is nothing to do here in SOP, jus observe evaliday then report it down, huahuahua, I was asked by my SV to hand in weekly report during my 2nd week of internship...heyyy K.I. no need hand in pun kan...buahahahaha....then I originally free free people now also need to write weekly report like all other interns. then among all 8 interns, I AM THE ONLY ONE not taking engineering == . otokeee....this is not suffering, the most suffering part is, our BOSS x allow us to enter opis before 3pm! want people die mehhh....touch wood touch wood!!

       HOWEVER, so far, i am doing good here la.... ular the most, MC olso the most bauhahahaha! i took 3 days MC olediiiii, 1 is for GAWAI ( like i got celebrate :P), 2 are for my skin and knee treatment. my skin get allergy to the oil palm fibre since 1st wik then i twisted my knee again when i played badminton with oil palm people las week ngaiiii~~~ Luckily Alz is weLL now :DDD ar then i can drive manual dy!!! but then my mum's manual car broken down with the batery then the dunno which pipe then now whole engine has to be replaced new ngaiiii~~~

       Owww hehe there is a guy here, not too handsome, not too smart, not too outstanding, but he caught my eyes! 1st time in my life, I fall for the 1st sight! gilaaaaaa~~ he is cuteeee!!!! however jus follow the destiny laaa, :P nothing more can be done. So i thought I had let go of you, coz until few days ago, only him that was in my mind. I thought...I really thought.....but when it all comes back, it seems that the heart is still hurting. But we are now grown up people mah, we know wat to DO and DONT. Like i advise my other fren, miss the ex as a fren, no nid to depress coz they were never ours. Past is Past mah :p when they get blessed, we are blessed too ;)

                          The one charm of the past is that it is the past.

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