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When it all comes back
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 @ 6:41 AM | 0 Comment [s]


      Wooooooo~ I have abandoned my blog for a LONG long TIME hehe, well, busy mah... after reaching home not more than a week, i had to come here "sarawak oil palm" to start my internship. DUE to the 1 h journey from maa home, i gotta stay at the housing here :(, luckily there are 4 other female internship students staying here oso, sum are mirians, others are from sibu, marudi and also limbang.

       WOooooo~~ actually there is nothing to do here in SOP, jus observe evaliday then report it down, huahuahua, I was asked by my SV to hand in weekly report during my 2nd week of internship...heyyy K.I. no need hand in pun kan...buahahahaha....then I originally free free people now also need to write weekly report like all other interns. then among all 8 interns, I AM THE ONLY ONE not taking engineering == . otokeee....this is not suffering, the most suffering part is, our BOSS x allow us to enter opis before 3pm! want people die mehhh....touch wood touch wood!!

       HOWEVER, so far, i am doing good here la.... ular the most, MC olso the most bauhahahaha! i took 3 days MC olediiiii, 1 is for GAWAI ( like i got celebrate :P), 2 are for my skin and knee treatment. my skin get allergy to the oil palm fibre since 1st wik then i twisted my knee again when i played badminton with oil palm people las week ngaiiii~~~ Luckily Alz is weLL now :DDD ar then i can drive manual dy!!! but then my mum's manual car broken down with the batery then the dunno which pipe then now whole engine has to be replaced new ngaiiii~~~

       Owww hehe there is a guy here, not too handsome, not too smart, not too outstanding, but he caught my eyes! 1st time in my life, I fall for the 1st sight! gilaaaaaa~~ he is cuteeee!!!! however jus follow the destiny laaa, :P nothing more can be done. So i thought I had let go of you, coz until few days ago, only him that was in my mind. I thought...I really thought.....but when it all comes back, it seems that the heart is still hurting. But we are now grown up people mah, we know wat to DO and DONT. Like i advise my other fren, miss the ex as a fren, no nid to depress coz they were never ours. Past is Past mah :p when they get blessed, we are blessed too ;)

                          The one charm of the past is that it is the past.

Click this if U are stress now ;)
Thursday, March 24, 2011 @ 3:02 AM | 0 Comment [s]

24 MARCH 2011, evening, cloudy ;)

FIGURE 1.0: Maid Sama.

BUAHHAAHAHAHHA I am back addicted to ANIME again!
-Maid Sama- An love comedy anime I have been keep chasing since las week ( FIGURE 1.0).

TIS is a NICE anime due to:
-Stupid emotions
-Funny expressions
-hyperbola reactions
-Cool main charactors
-CUTE side charactors!!!!!

This is an anime about a girl, MISAKI, who is a president for her  high school club. She is pretty, cool, GARANG (FIGURE 1.1), no. 1 in academic, any sports, BUT she is poor as her father dumped her n the family with lots of debt :(

FIGURE 1.1: GARANG Misaki.

HOWEVER, that's y she has become the strongest, no 1 can take her down and she hates GUYS as this high school has over 90% are GUY students which make the man power only occurs in this school. Her mission is to protect all the female students "authority" and "increase" the amounts of female students. She kept acting tough 2ward those boy students as she has the "PRESIDENT's RIGHT" until ALL the boys dislike her too.
Buahahahahaha then here comes A BOY, Usui, HANDSOME (FIGURE 1.2), STRONG, RICH. SINCE then, everything change..... they are like falling to each other...then control...then fight2...then falling again...then deny...then admit...then fkeep fighting...SWEEETTTT :DDD

FIGURE 1.2: Usui

BTW, there is a BIG secret about MISAKI, despite her COOL look as a president, she actually works as a MAID at a cosplay cafe. Well, she has to help out her mummy's burden. NOBADI ever know tis SECRET. BUT, hehehe....FATE let Usui knows it. SO, here goes their cute love comedy story. BESIDES, there are 3 more schoolmates ACCIDENTALLY know tis SECRET oso..hmm FATE oso we guess :P
They are the STUPID TRIO (FIGURE 1.3). They who are originally COOL, GANSTERs of the school, fall "deeply" in love with MISAKI after they saw her "smile"....buahahhaha...they even work parttime just to save enuf MONEY to consume at MISAKI's cosplay cafe ==''' 
The most "touching" words come from them are :" We have to consume at tis cafe everday oso although MISAKI takes her day off..coz tis is wat A TRUE LOVE is!!!" (ngai @@) 


FIGURE 1.3: Stupid Trio.

HOWEVER, there are others interesting characters in this anime too. Recently most of us have been STRESSED by our FYP rushing due date, UNDONE labs, incomplete ASSIGNMENTS, japan's radiation... So, we can somehow choose some positive alternatives to get rid of our STRESS so that our brain wont be KILLED inversely. Anime is a nice choice ;)

There is no such thing as a weapon that 

doesn't kill! 

Dont ask if the world will end tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! Move Move MOVE
Friday, March 18, 2011 @ 10:09 AM | 1 Comment [s]

19 March 2011, 12.20am, Blurry MooN.
He wants to be the king of the world, so he controls world through politic.
She wants to be the king of the world, so she borrows his politic to control the money.
They want to be the king of the world, so they borrow her money to control the people.

10 years ago, everybody aint think about end of the world.
1 year ago, everybody starts doubting this wake up call.
1 week ago, we just realised we are only hurting the world.

In a blink of eye, the clock may turn back to a million years. 
We all cant escape from this path heading to a dead end. The destiny was written just before we set foot on this earth. Karma awaits and we can only wait for our sentence on this judgement day.

Between heaven and earth lies the lost species. At the end, we can only stare at the lifeless body, our materialistic belongings will only turn into waste. In these waste , we cant no longer find anything.

WATSOEVERRRRRR, It is never too late to turn the wrong into the right. Because we do know that the end is BIG possible or CONFIRM coming, we SHOULD hold onto more our own place, HOLD ON TIGHT with beloved family. There may be some moments, we were hurting them unintendly, but at the end, they are still at the bottom of our heart, where we will protect them no matter how hard it could be, just like how they protect us in that way.

 Do whatever we want, go wherever we want, is what the most people hoping for before everything ends. But what I only hope, is to be with family until God do us apart. As I know that, how happy they are to have the person they love the most at their side even they got nothing at all. ;)))

There is a terrified saying claiming that, when the end comes, we wont even give a glance to the person we have claimed that we love the most, so why not we tell them we love them before there is no more chance to mean it. :)))

My heart was touched once, It's just that it wasn't at the right place. This is so sad. But I never learn to use the love to hurt. :)

Facts that we cant CHANGE.
Friday, March 11, 2011 @ 8:08 PM | 0 Comment [s]

1. Walls falling against us.
2. People leaving us.
3. Gender.
4. Passed time.
5. Disaster.

Heh Heh @@ So live OUR life with NO regrets ;)

Ideas stealer
Thursday, March 10, 2011 @ 6:55 PM | 0 Comment [s]

11/3/11.10.43am.sunny :)
Orait there are MANY things i would like to draw on tis blog but "BUZY" keep begging me to finish its works 1st; fyp, lab, assigns, test bla bla blaaaaaa ;)
HOWEVER, tis 5 secrets stuff is kinda.....cute:
  • I DONT LIKE CORNS. Even there is a single corn in a dish, I would rather NOT to touch it ;(
  • I m a "jealous" person. BUT its only for the person I LIKEEEEEEEEE.
  • I am still not allowed to drive coz they say :" We jus DONT believe in U".
  • I cant recognize roads. IT's TRUE. :'(((
  • My dreams: Get a great job, afford a nice car, meet 3-6 hot and strong guys and d most important, get FULLY healed. ;)
           Heh Heh, You may say that I am a DREAMER. BUT I am NOT the ONLY one. :P

Friday, January 21, 2011 @ 1:03 AM | 0 Comment [s]


I am a CHEMIST! hehehehe......evali WIKDAY....I reach lab on 8am.....return sumtimes on 3pm...sumtimes 5pm....for my finaly year project.....jus now jus done my gel part....nex wik have to analyse wawawa....God please bless our analyse result ar :DDD

Now almost all our coursemate start squeezing into all da K.I. lab.....LUCKY me n badak ZEE oledi keep our necessary equipments....n our BIG our busket...WE have our own place...(tiny)..we even bcum perfect CRIMINALs....stealing from other lab....Its for our lab's WE R COOL :PPP btw lots of ppl cum steal our stuff oso :(((

and i heard got 1 monyit owes go check our lab....ow please......:PPP n there is a jiwa jamban in our lab...owww wan vomit ol my brekfast n lunch evalitime saw tis jiwa jamban :PPP THINK POSITIVE...may be tis is a jiwa jamban wit a GOOD smell :DDD

haiiyooo......I think....I am menyampah in front of this person.....hmmm...fare la....las few days I felt tat person was vely menyampahkan oso....wawawa BUT but BUT.....I saw u is uweli "bahagia" n happy wit ur new one now...THINK POSITIVE....I will get a GOOD one oso later..(wawawa).... BCOZ I LOVE U, so I wont stop u from being HAPPY. :DDD

Davichi - water bottle
Sunday, January 9, 2011 @ 5:22 AM | 0 Comment [s]

9/1/11, SUN, NIGHT.

Had been through "peace mind thinking" these thought....can focus on my project's lab(even jus started).....enjoy enjoy n hang out wit prens.....even go clubbing(1st time arr)....bauhahahahha!!!! Thank God la.....never tot I can start my new n oso las sem calmly n steadily...:DDD

However....sumtimes, like 2nite,......suddenlly will flashback oso ol da memories from las sem.....
the night when suddenly feel like want to listen to korean songs...
well....these korean songs usually are "mental"...."fullooon"...their lyrics are like ommmaaagooottt.....even cold heart can oso be melted....:(

Hehe...yeap.....determined hard to get over these totally....but....human mah.....sumtimes....fullooon a bit....normal oso hoh?.....coz owes happy2 like ORANG GILA oso weird...(antah oww)
Tis song bha.....water bottle from Davichi.....korean girls group.....
chorus is:" I love u, I need u, I never once said goodbye",....well....of coz I will be mental after hearing n over)...

BUT hehe.....let's be mental only TONIGHT k!!!! starting 2MRW will be really bz.....ALL lectures are starting....project BZ bz!!! CNY is COMING oso!!! Bz Bz Bz!!! n MOVIES at cinema....MIRI x has any "student card" service owkkk :(( Bz BZ Bz!!!

BTW....I got a new NICKNAME again~~~ Grouping wit badak ZEE, we are called "Dump and the Dumpest"~~~ ommagggoooottt~~~ well, femes ppl....wat to do...buahahhahaha!!!

:DDD (Dumpest)

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